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Here we are, we have reached the last step in our ”finance innovation crusade” process, the one that gathers all the acquired results and combines them to give the investor the meaningful Trade Signals they crave for: the Rationale.

If you imagine the complete finance innovation process as an enterprise (let’s call it for instance “Rethink Finance Inc.”):

  • Value would be the Chief Business Development Officer.
  • Sentiment would be the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Rationale would be the CEO.

Rethink finance: Rationale

The Rationale thoroughly analysis what his C-level colleagues presents him, gathers all the informations and packs them in order to give the customer the best final service achievable.

Let me explain this complete finance innovation process through a meaningful recent example: signal given about Palladium in April.

The process has been the following:

Rethink finance: Rationale for Palladium

This is how, in practice, the Algorithm is used to extract investment opportunities from the analysis of investors behavior.

Now that you have a general idea of what stands behind our rethink finance journey, keep following us: interesting news are coming up. Any example? A new corporate website and a new mobile application.

Finance innovation never stops at Quantesys.

Alberto Ravandoni

Marketing & Communication at Quantesys
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