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Weaker Yen, BOJ monetary easing, Japanese exporters’ optimism and US housing market are affecting the Nikkei rebound: when will this new climb slow down?

Recently, several factors have affected the Nikkei rise:

  • devaluation of the Yen;
  • fiscal stimulus and monetary easing plan promoted by the BOJ;
  • US re-booming housing market
  •  increase in USD/JPY, which boosted the earning outlook for major Japanese exporters (especially car manufacturers like Mazda and Nissan) and increased their stock gains.

Ok then, “let’s invest in Nikkei”!…
Well, just for the ST we would say.

According to our Algorithm, there are several factors that let us suggest some targets and limits to this recent market Euphoria.

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This week, our attention was caught by the Financial Services industry; therefore we decided to scratch the surface and dig a bit deeper into the STXE600 index trend.

At first sight, it surely doesn’t take a lot to realize that there has been a steady growth since the turnaround happened in early June 2012.

Even if the Bullish momentum could still be present in the ST, it is definitely when we switch our attention toward the MT that interesting information pop out.

By taking a closer look at the MT trend, we notice that GREED momentum is closing, therefore we expect a Correction:

  •  at least 264 as for the 1st target;
  •  at least 244 as for the 2nd target;

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It sounds a bit unconventional, but when investors ask us about S&P500 now, we reply that we think it could drop almost 10% to 20% in the coming months. Let’s explain.

Recently, US economy has been on the recovery: everyone is happy, everyone has new faith in positive economic trends from the biggest world’s economy.

But be cautious fellow investors, this trend might not continue as expected in the Medium Term!

During the last months, the market has scored an impressive up-move, thanks mostly to good economic data. Unfortunately, right now we lack a strong economic foundation in order to predict that this trend will perpetuate for long.

The basic problem is that the market has grown too quickly, while economic recovery has not been so fast.

The take out? Market needs a breather, and in order to have it, it has to go down as a correction.

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Thanks to an innovative algorithm based on behaviors and moods, we give you a clear explanation of why investors missed that Apple was Gold, and how they could have anticipated both trends.

Hello everybody and welcome to Quantesys Blog.

The goal of our new blogging platform is to make a further step towards an evolution we see as imminent and inevitable: rethink finance.

We aim at providing valuable content, developed through our innovative tools, to share with the net in an engaging and fairly simple way.

Our target? Everyone who wants to go beyond pre-packed content and see financial markets from a different perspective, by questioning traditional analysis methods and actually rethinking finance.

So… Let’s start with a crispy case!

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