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Recently there has been several discussions and conflicting opinions about the once “only growing” Gold price. Even the Oracle of Omaha himself expressed his view about the commodity. So, what is the XAU outlook for the coming months?

The hyper-optimistic times when people were considering Gold as the absolute wiser investment, destined to break the barrier of 2’000$ per ounce, are nowadays seen as the nth dream that turned out to be a nightmare. After its enormous plunge back in April, many considerations have been made and plenty of investors have become more and more skeptical.

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Samsung 30:4:2013While Apple is struggling to keep up its supremacy and despite the recent tests, in which experts showed how Galaxy 4 is easier to break than an Iphone 5, Samsung is showing a beautiful sunny forecast.

Current price is testing the Intra Day Upper Target, and will probably hold onto 670~ for the Short Term.

Once there, the very next resistance can be at 715~, and if conditions will stay stable our suggestion is:

  • Samsung will aim at 752~ for the Medium Term.

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“Night is darkest before dawn”. This is what actually comes to our mind as soon as we look at the recent Apple market trends.

Just few days ago, we published a Daily Tip regarding the Cupertino’s golden fruit, suggesting there will be tough times for the once “growing only” stock during the upcoming weeks (“Rainy weeks for Apple“). However, we highlighted the fact that it still remains a LT BUY.

Latest news are surely not encouraging for Cook & Co:

  • Samsung scoring higher sales levels in the last quarter, eventually grabbing 1/3 of the whole smartphone market
  • falling company Gross Margin
  • popularity of iphone 4 and 4s still higher then the 5′s one
  • ipad mini dragging down ipad selling price
  • fierce competition not only on the smartphone side, but also on the tablets one (Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon)

Ok, I think you got the point now.

So why still believing in Apple?

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GoogleSpring has come, good weather makes us feel great after the cold winter, and this is affecting also the technology colossus Google.

After a small plunge, the title is shooting up for the following weeks.

First instance, it should touch 825 as a ST target, and then the stock will aim at 855 for the MT.

Our suggestion is:

  • wait for a quick Consolidation
  • BUY at 796~

Enjoy the sun and keep following Quantesys!


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Apple 19/04/13

Tough moment for Apple: the technology giant’s stock, after years of unstoppable growth, is facing hard times.

Apple down-move is heading 340~ in the MT. Still, remains a LT term Buy suggestion.