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Once identified the meaningful level to determine if the ticker’s price is cheap or expensive, our “rethink finance journey” sees the evaluation of a second component in the algorithm questioning process: the Sentiment.

Did you miss the first component? Here it is !

For the moment, the signal creation process has provided a clear target, showing us where should we focus our attention from now on. Then, what it is going to ask the algorithm is: “is this momentum going to carry on in the same direction, or is it changing or going to change somehow?”

Lost in translation? Visit our Terminology page and solve every doubt: Quantesys Terminology

Let’s explain the concept with an example.

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Saying you want to start a rethinking finance process and provide better solutions for investors is not enough, you need to give more: you have to explain exactly the reason why you are innovative!

This is why I am going to explain you the technology that supports us in our journey toward rethinking finance.

During the following posts, I will treat a fairly complicated topic in the easiest way possible, as if I had to explain it to a child. Please notify me if something is not clear enough or doesn’t really switch on the light bulb.

Ok, let’s start!

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The reason why financial markets are not perfect equations and traditional analysis models are far from being infallible, lies in the human component present in every single transaction: perceptions, otherwise known as investors behavior.

There you go, Mr. Obvious, thanks for sharing!

Fair enough, I’m not here to bother you with dry theories about behavioral finance or philosophical sermons: those you can easily find somewhere else.

My purpose here is to make the concept visual, clear and to the point.

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Rethinking finance is the brand new industry trend, but most of all it is a necessity that cannot be ignored anymore. Quantesys, among other innovators, is moving toward a revolution that will change the fate of the financial industry.

Once upon a time, people believed in the financial market. For several decades volatility was less aggressive and crises less punitive. Yes, there was also a time in which people hunted witches and thought the Earth was flat. That was long time ago, and now things have changed.

Whenever we think about finance or read something about it in the news, the majority of us suddenly turns up the nose and either blame the so-called “fat cats” or immediately change topic.

Well, we cannot say this reaction is not justified, neither we can avoid admitting that, especially during the last decade, there have been many troubles, mainly caused by a mixture of extreme greed and lobbying power by the biggest market players.

But here we are, and it’s pointless to cry over the spilled milk. Instead, it’s time to react and gain back, day by day, step by step, the lost investor’s trust.

Ok fine, nice pep talk dude, but how do you suggest to do that?

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Problems are always around the corner, and the bigger you are the louder the buzz they create. You don’t agree? Try to “google” Google, and you suddenly realize what I am talking about.

The technology giant is facing some interesting challenges, coming from different sides. The roots of the debate, though, stay exactly the same: privacy and disruptive technology. With some legal aspects in between…

Google has always been the cutting-edge, forward thinking king of the technology market: only Apple has been able to do the same, to a smaller extent though. How many of you have already thought we could see in lets say, 10 years, something like “Google airplanes”, “Google café”, “Google house”, Google whatever? I did, and still do. In fact, we are already living in a Google world, so to speak.

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